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Anonymous asked
I've been in love with my friend for over three years now. He is a quiet and serious guy he likes to keep things to himself. I am his closest friend that is a girl. I want to tell him but I don't know how. I don't want to lose him.

Tell him how you feel.  It’s really as simple [and awkward] as that.  One day, when you two are having some kind of fun, tell him, “Hey…I just want to let you know that…I think I kind of love you…” and just tell him how you feel about him.

Anonymous asked
Do you have a girlfriend? If you do what do you love about her? If you don't, then sorry bro.

I don’t have a girlfriend at the moment.  You don’t have to be sorry.  I know that when I do not have a girlfriend I am improving myself.  That is what I like to do when I don’t have one at the moment. :)

Anonymous asked
How can I make my boyfriend feel special? I'm trying to make him happier and more willing to be around me. I want to know ways to make him happy. What do guys like from girls and what can I do to make him happy? Any suggestions?

Dear Anonymous:

It really isn’t what they say that boys like. You have to observe him yourself and see what he likes. For example, you might get answers saying that guys like sports, sex, beer, sleeping, etc… but even though that might be what most guys like and even what your boyfriend like it is not what every guy likes. I don’t like beer and I HATE sports. That is why you should see what he likes. Once you do so then try to find an activity that relates to what he likes. For example, maybe your boyfriend likes working out in the gym. You guys can go to a local YMCA together and do do activities together. Maybe he likes animals. You guys can go to different zoos, maybe get a membership of one and go whenever he wants to and maybe even get him a pet.

Please please please make sure that you find something that you both like. A lot of times a girl gets something for a guy that he likes, but she is ind of like impatient and watching her man have fun. That is why it is extremely important to find something that you both like. Also, it doesn’t have to be something that is a “like”. He might like different stuff, but maybe you want to be more healthy so you two go to the gym together every week. So it doesn’t have to necessarily be a “like”. You guys can go to the gym every week like I said, you guys can go on weekly dates or restaurants every week. Maybe you two can even explore the city and go to places you two have never even been two. It is just the adventure of dating. :-} Hope I helped.

Will Wearing Lingerie Make Him Feel Special?

My boyfriend says I don’t make him feel special.  Long story short, my boyfriend feels jealous and insecure about what I’ve done in the past with my ex and says I don’t do anything for him that makes him feel special.  I’ve never worn lingerie and am actually quite insecure about my body, but do you think if I wear a corset with garters and thigh high tights for him, he’ll be happy and feel special?  I would love to cook for him, clean for him, massage him and wake him up with a blow-job but that’s not possible right now as i am not physically with him at the moment.



Well first of all, it seems that he is just wanting some boom-boom. When a boy or girl is truly in love with each other, they should feel tingles in their hearts at least for the first year. If you don’t like to wear lingerie, don’t where it. Don’t change because of him, only change yourself if it is going to make you better. Sit down with him and tell him that he doesn’t feel special then does he really love you? He will probably start a discussion, but it is the right thing to do. Feeling special is when its your birthday or when he kisses you, not when your partner is wearing something you call “sexy”.

Anonymous asked
It's been a week and 3 days since my boyfriend broke up with me after 1 year and 5 months and I'm literally heart broken I want to talk to him about how I feel but I don't want him to be put off by me. I feel like I've lost myself and I don't have any support. I still love him and I don't know how he feels. I just don't know what to do.

Okay, first off, I want to tell you that this is very common.  I just don’t want you to feel like you’re the only one experiencing this.  ;]

Anyways, I do think the best thing to do would be to go and ask him why he broke up with you.  Please make sure to bring tissues because it is almost always something that will make you cry.  Here are possible reasons why he broke up with you:

  • Not enough sex
  • Not enough time together
  • Same ‘ole, Same ‘ole (this means that it’s the same routine and there is nothing new in this relationship)
  • Starting to act like friends instead of a couple
  • Or even something that you do that he does not like, but you don’t notice you do it.

Make sure you know that these are not all the possibilities.  I just named the most common ones (in no particular order).

Now, it’s okay to cry and even if you don’t want to the best way is to ask him.  It will not only make you better in your future relationships, but also make you a better person, a better friend, a better mother, a better daughter, a better co-worker, a better everything.  Try to see if he wants to get back with you. Id not, it’s okay.  :-)

-Dr. Darry (Author of &

livansivan asked
I said i liked him. (We've been knowing each other for over 1 mounth ang we've seen each other 5 times.) He said he was not looking for something... seriously. He said I was funny and nice to be with. Should I try to win him over, because I really wnat to try and fight? (One time we said goodbye he stoped me from going away and kissed me. He was like "im just going for it".)


So sorry for the late reply.  I had the flu and I’ve been busy.  Terribly sorry.  Anyways, to your question.

It seems that you are attracted to a male who also seems to be attracted to you.  You want to know if you should try to get together with him even though he is not looking for something serious.First, I am going to tell you what he might mean when he says he doesn’t want something serious.  The reason I say “might” is because there are different men who have different reasons.  Here are some reasons why he says so.  Please make sure that it could be any of these reasons but not all:

  • He’s had a difficult last relationship - what I mean by this is that he probably had a relationship in his past with someone who traumatized him.  Maybe he had a relationship with a girl who kept talking about a baby and marriage and all that stuff, which probably really scared him and he’s scared that you might do the same.
  • He might not be over his ex-girlfriend
  • He might of lost someone in his family or be going through a rough time which might make him fear that he will be too distant from you
  • (this kind of connects with reason 1) He might  be scared that you would want to move in with him or him move in with you
  • Worst-Case Scenario:  He might have a disorder or problem that he might fear will ruin his relationship with you.  He also might cheat, which means that if you catch him, he’ll want to remind you that the relationship is not serious.

Please be advised that he might have one of these, he might not.  He definitely won’t have all of these and did you know that only 30% of men cheat?  Anyways, sorry for not having a good list.  I’m off today.  And the most common reason is the first bullet.  So in this relationship, don’t try to bring up marriage, kids, and house-moving.

Anyways, I think you should try to tell him, in a way, that you understand that he doesn’t want a serious relationship.  Try to do dating, like going out.  Dinner dates, walks to the park, that stuff.

If you need additional help, you can always ask again.  Remember to use your username again so I can remember you.  E-Mail coming soon!

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Anonymous asked
There is this guy and I have never talked to him, but I like him very very much for more than a year. Every time I see him my heart beats faster and my hands start shaking and I can't say a single word. He is in my mind everytime and the only reason why I like going to school. A few days ago he started looking into my eyes everytime when I see him. But how can I get to talk to him? I only see him at school and there he is with his friends all the time and I think we are both quite shy. I really

P.S.:  I think you didn’t get to finish asking your question!  Don’t worry.  :-)  You can continue asking the question if needed.  Your ID is #0003.

Okay, let me try to answer what I have.  So I understand that you are very attracted to this boy and you would like to have “the guts” to finally go and talk to him.  Okay.  Guess what, I might be a person that helps people with relationship problems, but I have the same problem as you!  I get so shy sometimes, but every time, I try a little harder and a little harder and finally, with out even expecting it, I just finally speak up.  That is what you have to do.  If you cannot do it all at once, every time you see him, get closer and closer.  The right time comes.  You never know - maybe he’ll come to you.  :-)

Any other questions?  Your ID is #003 - E-Mail coming soon!

-Dr. Darry (Author of &

Thinking of an E-Mail…

I might make an E-Mail for this blog.  Hm.  I am not sure.  I think I should wait ‘til this blog gets more popular.  I mean, I just need something like contacts to remember all the names of people.

Anonymous asked
Um. Okay. I used to date this kid and me use to date and it was my fault we broke up and after all of that we are still friends and I think he might like me but at the same time I think he doesn't because not many guys like me. Wait no. No guys like me, but I really need to know what I should do. All my friends keep telling me to ask him back out but the thing is... Every time I wanted to go on a date.... He always found a way to say "I can't go" What should I do?

First, I just want to say, there must be many guys who like you.  They just haven’t met you.

Okay, so you are saying that you were in a relationship with a guy and you two broke up.  You believe it is your fault.  You guys are still friends, which is an awesome thing, and you believe he still is attracted to you.  You also accept advice from your friends, which say to ask him out, but every time you want to make a date, he says he cannot go.

Okay.  One day go to him and ask him when he is available to go out on a date.  Some people, And I think this would be including him, think that just because partners were in a relationship, then broke it off, cannot get back together.  That is wrong.  This is a free country, and whether you don’t live in the US, there is no law against ex-partners getting back together.

If he thinks its awkward, tell him it is a “friend date” (thats what I call it).  Tell him you just want to go out for ice cream, coffee, etc…  Try to do friend dates as often as you can.  Making these dates are also a good time to observe signs if he really likes you or not.  Try to find something that will not make him say no.

If you have further questions you id is Anonymous #0002

-Dr. Darry (Author of &

Anonymous asked
Hello.. I'm a girl and I don't know if I love my best friend (a girl too). Cause I like her more than myself and I would do anything for her. I would gave up my life for her and I would die for her. And I think of her everyday. She's my idol and I wish I could exactly be like her. For me she's the most prettiest girl in the world and she have the best personality ever. I told her everything about me, she's the only person who know me really. A year ago she left me and I can't live without her.

Dear Anonymous:

I can see that you are very attracted to this other girl…and it is definitely okay to like another female.  But to know if you actually love this girl as a partner, you have to ask yourself this:

  1. Would you feel comfortable kissing her in public?
  2. Would you feel comfortable marrying her?
  3. Would you feel comfortable with sexual intercourse?
  4. Does your heart say that you want to be with her forever?

You must answer these questions to see if you really would want to be her partner.  It is okay if you say no to one of these questions.  I do understand how you fell.  I, myself, have lost one of my best friends who was a female.  I felt so comfortable with her and she understood me.  One of the only ones that did.  And I lost her.  I am afraid she even be dead!  And I miss her and would love to see her again.

But, do you have any contact information of this other female?  Do you have her phone number, her E-Mail, her IM, her Facebook, Her Twitter, Her Instagram, Her Tumblr, Her YouTube, Her Pinterest, etc…  Try to remember back if she would say “Oh I got a like on Facebook” or “Oh I got a like in Twitter”  That will help you.

And if you can’t find her, it is okay.  But do not forget her.  People think that the best way of dealing with a loved one is forgetting about them.  No.  Do not do that.  It is better to remember, so you won’t be as lonely, and have her in your heart.  I do the same thing with the person I lost.  She will always be in my heart and I even dream of her from time to time.

If you have any other questions, feel free to ask again, and so I will remember who you are just say you are anonymous #0001

-Dr. Darry (Author of &